Richmond Station is an energetic restaurant in the downtown core owned by Top Chef Canada Winner, Carl Heinrich. The restaurant is subway themed inside and out with white tiles lining the walls, contrasted by dark wood tables and seating. The mood and atmosphere throughout the restaurant is fun and lively. The commitment to delicious food and excellent hospitality is consistent throughout the restaurant all the way from the hostess at the front to the chefs at the back, and everyone in-between.

Customers aren’t a problem for Richmond Station, it’s hard to find a time when they’re not busy with satisfied clientele. As fans of the restaurant, we reached out to Carl to see if there was any way we could help out with our services.


  • Help boost engagement on their social media platforms.

  • Identify which social media platforms to focus on when running ads.

  • Create a social media guidebook for the in-house staff to use.

  • Strengthen the brand online to generate more foot traffic.


Carl wanted Richmond Station to seem as authentic as possible online, to keep with their brand strategy of being more organic and real. We conducted research to get an idea of what has worked best for other restaurants and industry related businesses in terms of getting their target audience to consume content. This was followed up by a social media audit of Richmond Station, which included reviewing everything on all relevant social media platforms: types of content, the time posts were published, hashtags used, geo-tagging, engagement and captions all the way down to how stories and short form content was shared with the audience.

We cross referenced all information and found what Richmond Station was doing right, along with what, where and how they could improve on the things that could use a little boost. Taking all this information, we created a comprehensive social media strategy for Carl that can be used in-house by anyone on the team.

Richmond Station Strategy

The strategy was composed of 2 parts, a social media strategy that focused on the best kinds of content to post, with time, geo-tagging tricks, tips on how to use captions more effectively to increase engagement, how to better use short-form content such as stories to generate interest and drive action from their audience. We also laid out some of our best secrets on how to run contests and promotions to get the audience more engaged.

On the second part of the strategy, we focused on how to better implement Facebook ads into the social strategy of Richmond Station. We went over which types of ads have the best ROI for restaurants in terms of engagement, thereby decreasing overall cost of ad-spend. And we also went over the best types of ads for seasonal or monthly specials to really push foot traffic those specific times of the month.


They met me at the restaurant, gave excellent critical feedback about our current systems and provided a beautiful, well thought-out strategy for our team to focus going forward. I would recommend Bold x Collective to any company interested in strengthening their brand and online appeal.

Carl Heinrich


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