Jupiter Sleep - the name says it all. Their mission is to help the world sleep better, naturally. After being held back by their own sleep problems which affected not only their mood and productivity, but also their overall enjoyment of life, they decided to make a change.

Jupiter Sleep invented an Airflow Weighted Blanket. The gentle pressure surrounds your body like a hug and their weight is proven to help you stay calm and sleep better. It is known as Deep Touch Pressure, which balances three of your body's natural chemicals: serotonin, cortisol and melatonin. In addition, their products are all cruelty free and made of organic materials, where possible.


  • Help boost brand awareness through various tactics – social media, influencer and content marketing

  • Grow their social media accounts

  • Create content for their website and social media channels

  • Increase website traffic and sales


Jupiter Sleep had already established their brand guidelines, product strategy and website, when we had met with them. What they were trying to improve was their brand awareness, content and a strategy to ensure their target audience was seeing their product.

We started the project with client discovery to find out more about the brand, the inspiration behind it and target demographics. This was followed up by our own research into the sleep lifestyle space. We took all the information gathered and created a brief on what needed to be done and in what order.

We began our first task with a lifestyle photoshoot, where we had arranged a location with multiple models to use the blanket in a variety of ways. This included friends cuddled up, reading a magazine in bed, keeping warm with the blanket outdoors and ofcourse, using the blanket to sleep. We kept it creative and focused on lifestyle. Our content production team did an amazing job capturing these photos and editing them beautifully.


Next, Jupiter Sleep wanted to grow their online presence, which is where our strategists came in. As mentioned, we conducted research to get an idea of what other lifestyle brands in the “sleep” industry are doing and of course, the best ways to get their target audience to consume content. We followed up with conducting a social media audit for Jupiter Sleep, which included the types of content, the times they were published, hashtags they had used, geo-tagging, engagement, captions and even stories.

Post-research, we determined what Jupiter Sleep was doing right and what they could improve on, which helped us create this strategy. The strategy focused on the best types of content Jupiter Sleep could post, along with what time, geo-tagging, tips on effective types of captions, how to increase engagement and much more. We also gave them insights on how to run contests and promotions to create more engagement from their audience.

A large portion of this strategy also focused on how to use Facebook ads for their business. We went over the best types of ads and more specifics on who to target, when to run certain types of ads and much more.

In addition, Jupiter Sleep wanted to use an influencer to create some buzz around their new product launch. This was a last minute idea, but luckily we have an influencer on our team. The Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Strategy, Amni built his Instagram up to a following of 60K+ in the fitness and lifestyle space. He was given product to create a set of stories and a post, which was combined with a promo code to improve and track conversions.

Overall, everything is going great for Jupiter sales are flying, and their social media channels are growing and their sales optimization is currently under refinement.


Working with BOLD x COLLECTIVE has been a pleasure. Their expertise on content marketing and branding have helped shaped out strategy and we're excited to continue working with them on future initiatives.

Jupiter Sleep


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