Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing


Learn about why your business needs to implement video marketing into your strategy ASAP

Video and marketing – it’s like the cheese to your macaroni. It’s the perfect combination, and once you try it, you’ll want to stick with it.

Video marketing is key in 2019 and it’s the future of marketing for businesses.

It provides marketers with an appealing, informative, personal and visual way to reach their target audience, ofcourse, when done correctly.

Video has become a part of our everyday lives; we have Instagram TV, Facebook Live, YouTube, Snapchat, Video & so much more. The different forms of video marketing you see include video interviews, vlogs, tutorials, video presentations, product reviews and demos, video testimonials, commercials and ads, as well as recording of live streams.

You build trust with your audience

Trust is so important when looking at conversions and sales. The concept of marketing is based on trust and creating an on-going relationship with your customer. By sharing useful and real tips, you teach your audience and they see your value which helps create a trusting relationship.

Video shows great ROI

Video production is not the easiest nor the cheapest task, but it definitely pays off. If you have a solid focus in the video and an intriguing way to help your viewer understand clearly, it will definitely help bring more brand awareness. According to Aberdeen Group, video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness and get 66% more qualified leads per year.

Video boosts sales

Have you ever thought of putting a video on your landing page? This can be a great way to bring in more business as it can increase conversions by 80%. When a potential customer watches a how-to or an informative video about a product, they tend to buy it. Consumers love visuals and this can greatly benefit your business!

Google loves videos

The more videos you have on your website, the more time visitors will spend. Long exposure means more trust, which is something search engines recognize. If you optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO with intriguing titles and descriptions, along with your website, this helps your SEO score greatly.

Mobile and video work well together

90% of consumers watch video on their mobile in 2019, and this number is only growing. More people are using phones, so audiences are getting larger!

Videos make sense

When reading an article versus watching a video, what makes more sense? Most say watching a video, especially when explaining a product or service. Do you want your consumer to understand your product or service better? Try a video – we guarantee your consumer will like it better than reading about it!

If you want to give video marketing a go and need some assistance to not only create a video marketing strategy, but produce a video from beginning to end, the Bold x Collective team is ready to help. Get started with our creative team today!