Create a Killer Content Strategy to Reach Your Target Audience


Learn How to Create a Killer Content Strategy

A content strategy – it is the development, plan, creation, delivery and management of all content. The purpose of a content strategy is to create intriguing, engaging content that aligns with your company's brand, while connecting and attracting your target audience.

In 2019, composing the right message for your target customer is crucial, to build your customer base. Checking off all the important points requires a strong, well-planned content strategy.

Organizations that have a content strategy, along with good content are more likely to be successful. There is just so much happening on the web and creating a thorough map to help your business stand out digitally, will definitely help accomplish goals in the long run.

“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.”

So with that being said, check out our list of key components, when creating a strong content strategy.

1. Create content ideas based on your brands mission.

What problem are you solving for your target audience? The answer to this question is the type of content you need to create.

For example, if you run a Botox Clinic, you want to create content that shows ‘before’’ versus ‘after’ the Botox treatment. For someone that is interested in Botox, this is the ideal type of content they want to see because it is results – proof that the treatment worked. Another piece of content that would work is a video of the treatment occurring, by the Botox injector. A piece of content like this would create trust between your brand and target audience, as you are providing them with real, video evidence of the treatment taking place infront of them.

2. Do an analysis of your target audience and their characteristics.

Things you may want to evaluate include their marital status, type of philosophy they believe in, how much spare time they have, what their hobbies include, some habits they possess & more. All these factors usually depend on the industry you are researching.

Let’s go back to the Botox Clinic example. Chances are that if someone is coming in for Botox, they may possess certain characteristics or lifestyle choices. Firstly, they want to look younger, so age is a factor. Next, he or she may want to enhance their look because of their occupation – maybe your ideal client is a model, perhaps a news anchor or maybe an actor? Your ideal client may also be following certain celebrities or can be interested in skincare, which are more factors to research. The more research you do on your target audience, the easier it will be to figure out characteristics, interests and what will work best in your strategy.

3. Know where you will be sharing your content.

Instagram? Facebook? YouTube? LinkedIn? Reddit? Pinterest? Each industry has platforms that work best for them.

Let’s look at the fitness industry. Currently, the best platforms for this industry tend to be Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, where trainers usually post videos of workouts, teasers and day to day progress. These are highly visual platforms, which is where the fitness industry tends to get the most exposure. In addition, the age group and type of content they consume also plays a role in marketing for the fitness industry, which helps with deciding on the platforms to use.

4. How will your target audience see your content?

Organic works to an extent – engaging, following, liking, hashtags, location tags & more, work on all platforms. But to reach an even larger target audience, ad campaigns are key.

For example, if you are a restaurant owner running a Mother’s Day promotion for Facebook and Instagram, your followers and some more people on the web will see this promotion. But if you want more of your target audience to see this promotion, you need to invest in targeted ads. Ads give you the ability to go as specific as age, location, gender & several other factors. You can even go as far as re-targeting people that have once been on your website. The Bold x Collective team highly recommends ad campaigns for businesses that want to reach their target audience, and efficiently, which is also a key component of your content strategy.

5. How consistently do you plan on posting?

You need to know what days and timing is best for your target audience. Is your target audience working 9-5 with a normal lunch break at noon? Or is your target audience stay-at-home mom’s looking for something to do in the afternoon? These are factors that will help you figure out key days and times.

6. Someone needs to create your content.

The roster of content creators is unlimited! It is ideal to post a nice mix of content, but ofcourse, it is always dependant on your industry. There are bloggers, videographers, photographers, editors for podcasts, influencers, graphic designers… the list goes on and on.

After figuring out what content is key for your audience, you need to have a backbone for the content creation side. Hire the right person or people, such as the Bold x Collective team, to assist you with this.

7. Maintain your brand style.

Following brand guidelines are a must! Between the type of language and context you use in blog posts, the type of editing and filters on visuals, the type of influencers that made your brand look best, the style of graphics & more, you want your target audience to know it’s your content based on these factors. This is one of the ways to create a memorable brand, digitally.

The Bold x Collective team can guide you through the content strategy process to ensure you check off all key components of your checklist. In addition, our team of content creators can assist you with bringing your content vision to life. Get started with our team.