What Is Experiential Marketing?


What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is different from the traditional or online marketing ways; this way is unique, quick and effective way to build brand awareness through face-to-face connections with your consumers. 

In 2019, this marketing style is growing and becoming a favourite. A live, memorable, fun experiential campaign helps a business deliver their message without distractions. So what exactly does an experiential marketing campaign consist of?

Experiential marketing is a strategy that engage customers using something called “branded experiences.” This is what we call live marketing or an event marketing experience. The whole concept of this is to create an exciting, memorable event for your audience; something that will encourage them to share with all their friends whether it be through word of mouth or social media. These exciting experiences include an event, whether it be a pop-up shop or a specific event.

All in all, experiential marketing is all about bringing your consumer to a live experience. There are bigger experiential marketing campaigns that can be a grand opening of a pop-up shop. But, smaller campaigns can be on-site art installations. 

There are ways to measure the impact you have on your audience whether it is having an event hashtag or doing a survey after the event.

Should you try experiential marketing? 

This all depends on your goals, your timeline and available resources. Experiential marketing creates a fun, live experience that leaves people with a positive brand impression. These experiences are more interactive, but ofcourse you need to use social media and different forms of content to help grow the events.

A prize wheel or raffle draw is not enough - you need more to touch the audience so you can benefit yourself, your event and your sponsors. With a campaign like this, you need to have the budget to make a big impact on your own, or a big-name brand to back up your efforts.  

At the Bold x Collective, we specialize in Experiential Marketing and have case studies for our client campaigns. To learn more about our marketing services, visit us here.

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