Artisan is a general contracting and renovation management firm located in the Greater Toronto Area. Their philosophy is build on quality craftsmanship and work with top quality designers, suppliers and contractors.

The Artisan team specializes in basement, kitchen, bathroom renovations and many additional services.. They know how stressful home renovations can be, so they provide full hands-on management to ensure there is little stress and the client’s vision is met.

They believe in commitment to the highest quality standards and this is what they wanted their brand to portray.


  • Create a fresh new brand and develop guidelines along with a strategy

  • Social media channel development + Social media strategy creation

  • Create multiple ad campaigns for Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

  • Website development + SEO

  • Reduce cost of customer acquisition


We met with Artisan management to initiate client discovery, and find out what the short- and long-term goals of the company were. Their primary goal was to stand out from all the other household renovation companies, and be positioned as more of a premium brand, and find a way to generate leads consistently which they were getting mainly through word-of-mouth and referrals as most renovation companies do. After conducing research on the company and the industry as a whole we set out our plan of action.

We went through a back and forth process with Artisan’s management and owners on the visual identity of their new brand. We all came to the agreement that “Artisan Design & Supply”, needed to become just “Artisan”. From there we went through typography choices, visual asset designs, logo designs and overall brand identity proposals and created one that was a home run. Knowing how they wanted a premium feel to the brand we wanted to keep the colours black and white - simple and elegant. This way the focus on their digital touch-points could be placed on visually appealing and colourful photos and videos of their work.

Artisan Brand.png

After the overall brand strategy (brand naming, brand positioning, employer branding and brand messaging) and brand design (visual system, logo and corporate collateral) were created we put all this in stone by creating a brand guidebook for Artisan.

They wanted to create two versions of their brand guidebook, one for their in-house team, and one to give to clients and potential clients as part of their proposal and quote process - more of a media kit. The underlying goal of the media kit was to showcase the quality of craftsmanship and the detail put into their brand as a whole, we named their media kit, “La Maison”.

Artisan Brand GuideBook.png

The next step for us was to go through social media and help develop all the necessary social media channels for Artisan. After conducting research, we found Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest were the three most important social media platforms for renovation companies. We created a social media strategy along with a content strategy for each platform that would help Artisan grow their following, showcase their content and of course drive traffic to their website.

The website needed a complete revamp in order to be congruent with the new brand, and it also needed to then be refined over a period of time to optimize for conversions and lead generation. When creating the website for Artisan, we wanted the brand’s content to stand out, they had pictures and videos that wanted to be showcased on the website, so we found the best way to put it out. Most renovation websites don’t have the most visually appealing websites, we didn’t want Artisan to be one of them.

Artisan Website.png

The next step was to create a digital strategy that would drive traffic to the new website. This strategy was focused on content marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook and Pinterest ads. Our approach for simplicity sake was to break all marketing into three categories: 1) New traffic, 2) Re-marketing and 3) Re-targeting.

Before anything, we setup conversion tracking pixels from Google Adword’s, Facebook and Pinterest. From here we created multiple ad-sets on each platform to see which was performing best and to target different target market segmentations to drive new traffic to the website.

It’s a known fact in the marketing world that only 2% of first time visitors to a website convert. With that said, we setup a re-marketing campaign to target the remaining 98% who didn’t convert on the first visit to the website.

Artisan did not have a mailing list when they came to us, so over the next couple of months as we drove traffic we also created free content and tips. This free information was pushed out over social media in exchange for an email address. Once the list had grown to reasonable amount of emails, we designed a re-targeting campaign.

The results of the entire digital strategy were great. In specifics we had on average 254 unique clicks per month, which resulted in 23 leads, with the total cost per lead conversion being $18.41.


The Bold x Collective did an amazing job helping us develop our brand from scratch including a website, logo, brand guidelines & much more. We went from just another renovation company to ARTISAN — a boutique renovation management firm. In addition to this, they helped us get more leads and build our sales funnel.



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