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The Bold x Collective is a digital marketing agency that is different from the status quo. Comprised of creative agencies that came together after being the secret sauce behind the success of other well known companies, together we formed the collective. With unlimited imagination and dedication to results, we help brands communicate with their target audience and cut through the clutter.

Located in Toronto Ontario, we service clients around the world. Our team is made up of hand-selected creatives who specialize in digital marketing, brand strategy, experiential marketing, content marketing and content creation.

We craft marketing and brand strategies that develop influential brands that connect with their target audiences’ evolving expectations in the digital world.

Our services include strategy + digital marketing, brand development, creative production, social media, and digital platform design. We serve ground breakers - those ready to change their business and stand out from the rest. How can we help you grow?



We push boundaries, change minds, but most importantly get results.

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